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An invoice will be emailed and you may pay with a credit or debit card, you will have the option to leave your card on file for your convenience. On rare occasions we will accept a check if you do not have email capability.
**$35 NSF/Return check fees will apply

Late/Past Due Payments

Unless otherwise arranged and approved, there will be a $15 fee for non-payment on day of service and a $5 fee daily thereafter.

Entry Procedures 

We do NOT store keys (unless it is a commercial account) We are able to procure property by a hidden key, garage code, door code, or a known doorway left unlocked.
If you have a security system we will be happy to arm and disarm for you, or you may leave it disarmed on your cleaning day.
**A New View will not be responsible for any alarms that may be set off and/or any costs associated with operating security systems. 

Lock Out Fee
If a team member shows up on the day of service and is locked out of the property, a $35 fee will be added to your invoice. 

Cancellations/Schedule Changes
A notice of 3 business days is required. If you need to cancel or reschedule your clean in less than 3 business days then  50% of the total cost of your clean will be charged. We understand life happens! Please give as much notice as possible.

Estimates are valid for 14 days. We reserve the right to adjust initial cleaning estimates based on surface demands and maintenance level required for your home. 

Property Damage/Accidents
If you have any irreplaceable, collectible, or valuable items please declare those on the walk-through so notes can be recorded in your account file, or removed on the day of your cleaning
**A New View will not be responsible for damage due to faulty installation, faulty craftsmanship, light fixtures, ceiling fans, pictures, blinds or improperly secured items. If an accident occurs, the office will notify the client and provide photos. 

If bed bugs, fleas, or roach infestations are noted then the cleaners will immediately leave and the office will notify clients to treat home and reschedule their clean. *50% of cleaning fee will still be charged.

We are pet lovers and enjoy developing relationships with your pets as well as with you. If pet fecal matter/urine/vomit is present we will notify the client as to its location, but we will not be required to clean it.

If you refer a friend or family member you can earn $20 off of your next clean! The credit will appear on your invoice after the referred client has completed and paid for their 1st clean. *Unlimited referrals are welcome*

Tips are not required but are greatly appreciated when a job is well done. Tips may be added to your payment online or as cash on the day of your clean.

Our team member's safety is of upmost importance. No ladders are to be used unless it is a 1 or 2 step type stool ladder. No lifting over 25 lbs. No furniture will be moved (unless a dining chair or ottoman) No shoe removal (shoe booties can be used if requested ahead of time)

Special Requests
Must be requested ahead of time and approved to accommodate time demands on the job and daily schedule. Our team will politely decline if an added task is requested while on the clean.

Service Cancellations 
We politely request a 30 day notice

**If you are a recurring client and your scheduled clean is missed and goes beyond a 30 day period, the cost may resort back to the amount of the initial clean**

Service Disclaimer

A New View Homekeeping will not be held liable for improper/loose grout, caulking that is not maintained, protective sealants, any compromised surface, or any dust that should resettle after the clean has been completed.
We do NOT guarantee removal of rust, mildew, hard water etching due to lack of maintenance
Any removal of hard water build up should not exceed 30 minutes, extra time of the project will be considered as an extra
In order to perform at the fullest potential we request that the home be free of clutter at the time of arrival.

For deep cleaning of grout we recommend a professional that will have specific equipment, but we will be happy to use any brushes/tools that we may have as an extra.

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